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Name:             Sibanna’s Luisa Gontsjarova

Born:               2009, September 30

Color:              black tabby ticked

Pedigree:        click here

Gallery:           click here

Luisa is born in our cattery. Despite her adulthood she is still very playful. She is a stable adult female, who has left her adolescence behind her. She is my special siberian friend. She is a daughter from our first siberian cat Bubastis’ Natalija Gontsjarova. Luisa is just like her mother a very nice cat to have in the house! Luisa is easy, loving, tolerant, empathic and socially to other cats as well as to humans. She has the looks from a siberian cat how it must be: a solid and compact body, with a tough and natural look.

Luisa is black tabby and she has a nice warm color. The warm variation of black tabby is rare in other blood lines than the well-known lines that are related to golden. Luisa has no well-known blood lines related to golden in her pedigree.That is why her color is a bit special.
Luisa has a solid shape, beautiful coat and proper body proportion. Luisa is a muscular cat with the popular ‘trapezoid muzzle’ show and dense coat.

In her pedigree Luisa has the old and reputable Russian blood lines with German infuences from her mother Natalija. This blood line from Natalija is combinated with a beautiful Italian show line from Nikopeja’s Jowan, including: Fiodor Della Taiga, Georgy Amurski, Newskij’s Quendolina Romanova and Fiorella II Della Taiga. The phenotype related to this line is reflected by Luisa.

Luisa has a pedigree that is carefully constructed. The inbreeding is low and there are reported a lot of HCM results in pawpeds. At the moment she is six years old, and we screened her again for HCM with good results!

We have waited a few years before we decided to keep a kitten from our own breeding program. Because we want to keep our cat group small, the choice must be good. We have never regretted the choice for Luisa. She has exceeded our (critical) wishes!