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Born:                  March 3, 2018

Colour:               black spotted

Pedigree:           click here

Photo album:    click here

– screened on PKD and HCM by a sonographer who is acknowledged by Collegium Cardiologicum and pawpeds (2019);
– screened on several hereditary disorders by and deviant colours by dna reserach;
– screened on FIV and FeLV by blood research (2019);
– blood type: A, with a b-allele.

Our Maksim is a siberian cat. This foundation cat is a novice in the pedigree book from the siberian cat breed. His roots lies in Russia, in the little area Dar’ino. It is in the surrounding from Moscow.

He was five-six months old when he came to me in Holland. He succeeded in the novice class when he was one year old. It was at a show from Fifé in The Netherlands. He had an excellent assessment from two judges.

You can find a picture from his mother and his brothers and sisters in his photo album. His mothers was ten years old. He had four brothers/sisters who were also black tabby. The father from the litter is unknown.

What kind of cat is Maksim? This dark coloured black tabby with yello-green eyes and semi long coat looks still young for his age. We have an enclosed garden where he loves to be with his neutered girlfriend Luisa.

Maksim. Beautiful cat who comes to greet us every morning. Who loves to be lifted for a hug. Also by our children. Our big little friend.

*update from March 13, 2019*