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Cattery Sibanna is a small cattery with siberian cats. We are specialised in breeding siberian cats since the year 2005. We breed them with passion and with love and respect for the breed. Important aspects in our breeding policy are a good health and character. For me it is a challenge to breed healthy siberian cats who have also a good show quality. The character is never a problem. Our cats have fantastic characters!

Our bloodline from the start
In 2005 I started to breed siberian cats with some influence from the neva masquerade in the pedigree. With that you can think about influence from famous cats like Max, Mars and Tessi. My focus was on health and character. I prefered outcross and new bloodlines. I avoided blood lines with health risk. I dug out many many pedigrees to estimate the health risk. I bred wonderful healthy kittens with beautiful pedigrees! From that bloodline I still have Hisolda. A granddaughter from my favorite cat cat where I started with in 2005: Bubastis’ Natalija Gontsjarova. Father from Hisolda is Geroy-Fram Fialka. Our current male with a special character and wonderful bloodlines!

My vision about traditional bloodlines
Despite the knowledge that the neva masquerade is the same breed as the siberian cat on paper, I prefer to breed a bloodline with no significant genes influence from neva masquerade nowadays. Despite the fact that neva masquerade and siberian cat are the same (registered) breed or sister breeds, the foundation cats obviously have other genes, another history and another geographic background. In the registered breed it is mixed together for a big part, so neva masquerade and siberian cats with traditional color pop up in the same litter. In those litters the only difference between them is the Cs gene. Two of them gives a color point siberian cat that is named a neva masquerade. To give an impression: a cat has more then 20.000 genes.

I think that it is interesting to study and converse bloodlines were at least 95% from the genes is from traditional siberian cats without neva masquerade in the foundation. I do that in my own breeding program, with the bloodline from our traditional girl SHCHebetunia. It is very hard to find a suitable traditional male for her, because most males in Holland, Belgium and Germany has significant genes influence from neva masquerade foundations. Or there are genes influences I rather avoid during more then ten years because of other issues. I hope to keep an offspring from SHCHebetunia for my own breeding program by the time I found a suitable male for her. A nice challenge! If I have that litter, kittens will be valuable for the world wide breeding program to save the traditional authentic siberian cat.

The reason that I do not make a complete new start with the cattery without neva influence, is the following. Since the year 2005 I breed with the blood lines from Hisolda. I did a lot of research and worked hard to breed healthy cats. It did cost me a lot of pedigree research and health research and it took me years to reach what I have at the moment. It would be a shame to throw away the blood lines I trust.

It would be the best for the siberian cat and the neva masquerade if they will have their own studbook. The neva masquerade is a mixed breed with her history in Russia. The genetic background is world wide. From the traditional siberian cat the history and the genetic background are from Russia. The genepool from the authentic traditional siberian cat is almost lost nowadays, because of gene influences from foundation neva masquerades. That is why it is important to maintain the authentic traditional bloodlines in an own studbook. WE motivate breeders who want to work for those authentic bloodlines.

The neva masquerade will also improve with an own studbook. A studbook with rules about matings with traditional siberian cats as an exception when new blood is needed. With an experimental pedigree. Problems like nystagmus, squint, and coat quality can get the right attention that way. The neva masquerade will get a better name as an own breed from Russia.

Until the moment that there are two studbooks, it is for a good health the best solution to maintain and improve traditional authentic bloodlines and motivate breeders to do that.

We intrust our offspring only to breeders comparable breeding values. If you have interest in a kitten for breeding, please write ous about your breeding plans and breeding policy.

Best regards,

Anna Schrotenboer