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Name:             Geroy Fram Fialka

Color:              red tabby spotted with white

Born:               2014, February 14th

Pedigree:        click here

Gallery:           click here


Geroy is born in Saint-Petersburg, bred by Elena Hildebrandt from Cattery Fialka.

As a little kitten he was brought to us by his caring breeder Elena Hildebrandt. We are grateful for this great stud. He seems to develop as we hoped and he has a great personality!! When Geroy was still in Russia, Mrs. Hildebrandt wrote to us that Geroy has a gentle nature. That is the character I prefer for a siberian cat, and time has shown that Mrs. Hildebrandt was correct about his character. He is relaxed, cuddly and confident without being intrusive. Geroy is the favorite from Erwin, my husband. He calls him ‘my friend’. In the evening Geroy loves to lay on our laps. What a great, relaxed and friendly guy! He is now a year old and is already muscular build. He is in good property and well balanced. He has a deep red coat color and rare green eyes. He has a tough male look and tufts on the tops of his ears. His coat compact and not too long or fluffy; like it should be for a siberian cat. The choice for Geroy is not purely based on his appearance. Our sense of confidence towards cattery Fialka and the pedigree from Geroy were very important for me. I know several siberians cats from cattery Fialka and they all have a good character. Geroy has its own spacious stud room with a window, several scratching posts and high places to sleep. He is never alone, because he always has cat company from our own cats. At least half of the time he can run in our large surrounded garden. He is in our living room regularly, and preferably on our lap. For those who find it interesting, here’s some information about the bloodlines behind Geroy. Father Fram-Jonathan Fialka The ancestors from Fram-Jonathan have a natural, tough and powerful appearance. There is no golden in these bloodlines.

The father from Fram-Jonathan is Amour-Timange Fialka. He has old bloodlines from St. Petersburg, such as: Bast, Marcell, Chingi-Tura, Bruno-Ange and Fialka. Another ancestor from Fram-Jonathan is the famous male Roman, who was the model where the first breed standard is based on. In the pedigree we also find the by me beloved world champion Jonathan-Timange and the famous European champion Veilchen Prinzessin. Jonathan-Timange is a tough black tabby male. His father Timofei comes from the club Saint Petersburg Felinologist Society – WCF. He is from one of the first FIFe breeding lines in St. Petersburg, from cattery Bruno-Ange (source:, consulted September 6th, 2015)

The mother from Fram-Jonathan is Neva Iskander Fialka. She has old bloodlines from St. Petersburg, such as Chingi-Tura and Grey behind Iskander Grej Marcell. Manchzhury Gertsoginya brings blood from the Far East, Vladivostok, because of the wonderful foundation cat Vasilisa (source:, consulted September 6th, 2015). Mother Slavicat Ladoga Ladoga was born in cattery Slavicat in Moscow. Ladoga has decent old Russian blood behind her through her mother Vanessa or White Raven. This bloodline is rare in occurrence and therefore a valuable addition to the gene pool. With Ladoga there is also “fresh blood” because of her foundation father Beilis. Beilis is a beautiful nine-year-old novice and he is great international champion. He has very nice offspring in Russia, Finland, Spain and now also in some in Germany and the Netherlands. Despite his older age and good health, we do not see many offspring from him in breeding programs in The Netherlands, Belgium or Germany. He are happy to have a grandson from him in the cattery.

The grandmother from Geroy is Vanessa of White Raven. I love this beautiful female, which old siberian cats in her pedigree. This bloodline is because of its prevalence and old siberian cats also a good addition to the gene pool.

* Updated March 4, 2016 *